Registration info 注册须知

To register for a Chinese class, please follow the instructions below.

STEP 1: Fill in the registration form here 2019-2020 Chinese Class Registration
第一步:网上填写课程注册表 2019-2020 Chinese Class Registration

STEP 2: Pay the tuition online here 2019-2020 Chinese Class Payment
              or send a check payable to "YingHua Language School" to the following address:
              P.O. Box 3004, Princeton, NJ 08543-3004
              Please make sure to include your registration email when paying your tuition, which will help us to update 
              your payment history on time.
第二步:前往以下页面,2019-2020 中文课网上缴费页面
               或者将支付给"YingHua Language School" 的支票寄到以下地址:
               P.O. Box 3004, Princeton, NJ 08543-3004

To register for culture classes, please follow the instructions below.

In 2018-2019 school year, YingHua offers the following Enrichment Classes with our partners. All classes are arranged in three unites through out the year. Most classes run 8 weeks in each unit. The registration is for the current unit, and not the whole year.

More classes are being arranged.

Please go to the following page to register 请前往以下网页注册: