YingHua Chinese School

Our Mission 英华的使命

As a non-profit organization (401(c)(3)), YingHua Chinese School aims to 作为一个非盈利组织(401(c)(3)),英华中文学校致力于

  • Inspire and facilitate Chinese language learning; 激励和促进中文语言的学习;

  • Promote children's linguistic, cognitive, and social development; 推动孩子语言、认知和社交能力的发展;

  • Empower local communities by partnering with parents and concerned citizens. 携手家长,共同推进社区建设。

Recent Announcements 最新通知

  • 2022-2023 School Year Registration Info 2022-2023学年注册信息

  • 受疫情影响,2022-2023学年的实体课程可能会受到一定的影响。学校目前暂时按照实体授课计划,如果疫情恶化,将考虑网络授课。In-person classes may be impacted by the pandemic during the 2022-2023 school year. We currently plan to offer all courses in-person. If the situation gets worse, we'll consider online courses.

2023 Chines New Year Event 2023兔年新春活动


Current Program and Calendar 课程与教学日历

Sunday Afternoon Chinese Programs

  • Ages five to adults

  • Sunday afternoon sessions: 1:35 - 3:20 & 3:30-5:20

  • Location: Chapin School, 4101 Princeton Pike, Princeton, NJ 08540


News and Events 新闻