Registration info 注册须知

Registration info 注册须知


In-person classes may be impacted by the pandemic during the 2022-2023 school year. We currently plan to offer all courses in-person. If the situation gets worse, we'll consider online courses.


A special option for online classes is offered for Grade 7 to 10. These classes are online only, and the time for classes will be jointly decided by the teacher and registered students for that class.


To register for a Chinese class, please follow the instructions below.

STEP 1: Fill in the registration form here 2022-2023 Chinese Class Registration

第一步:网上填写课程注册表 2022-2023 Chinese Class Registration

STEP 2: Pay the tuition online here Chinese Class Payment,

or send a check payable to "YingHua Language School" to the following address:

P.O. Box 3004, Princeton, NJ 08543-3004

Please make sure to include your registration email when paying your tuition, which will help us to update

your payment history on time.


或者将支付给"YingHua Language School" 的支票寄到以下地址:

P.O. Box 3004, Princeton, NJ 08543-3004


2022-2023 Tuition Explanation 学费说明

Total Fee is $620. 所有学杂费共计 $620。

Tuition Fee 学费 - $480

Book Fee 教材材料费 - $60: Text book, exercise book, access to online homework, and other teaching material fee. 教材,练习册,在线作业及其他教学相关材料费。

Refundable Parent Duty Fee 家长执勤押金 - $50: This will be refunded if parents participated in volunteering activities. 家长积极参与执勤和义务劳动后将退还。

Registration Fee 注册费 - $30: There is a $30 registration fee for each student. 每个学生缴纳$30注册费

(非本校九年级学生,若想报名十年级AP需经过任课老师面试批准方可报名!十年级AP学费为$530,AP课程教材费$110,家长执勤押金$50, 注册费$30,总计$720。付款时请注意)


Discounts 各项优惠

  • Early Bird Discount of $30 will end on June 30th. 早鸟优惠6月30日结束。

  • Referral Discount of $20 for existing and newly registered families, paid at the end of the school year. 介绍新家庭注册,您和您的朋友均可获得$20优惠,学年末返还。

To register for culture classes, please follow the instructions below.


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