About Us 英华简介

YingHua Chinese School 英华中文学校

YingHua Chinese School was officially founded on May 4, 2002. It is a non-profit organization (401(c)(3)). Its founding principle is to build a language school that can commit to and focus on students' Chinese language education so that its graduates would truly gain solid language skills. To that end, we constantly look for ways to improve the quality of Chinese education for all students. Currently it has fully adopted Dr. Liping Ma's "Direct Character Recognition" methodology. We teach the "modern" or simplified Chinese characters and introduce the Chinese phonetic system (PinYin) as a tool at the appropriate stage. YinaHua Chinese School is proud to be the FIRST community-based language school accredited by CESS-MSA.


Our Mission 英华的使命

  • Inspire and facilitate Chinese language learning. 激励和促进中文语言的学习。

  • Promote children's linguistic, cognitive, and social development. 推动孩子语言、认知和社交能力的发展。

  • Empower local communities by partnering with parents and concerned citizens. 携手家长,共同推进社区建设。