Admission overview 招生概览

Admission Overview 招生概览

  • Class hours 上课时间

All classes run in different sessions on Sunday from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Chapin School at Princeton, NJ. The first day of school will be on the first or the second Sunday of September. See school calendar at for details.

所有课程都安排在周日下午的1:30-5:30,学校位于普林斯顿的Chapin School。每学年的第一天是当年九月的第一个或第二个周日。

  • Classes offered 开设课程

Chinese Language courses will be offered in two programs. CHL for students who have a Chinese-speaking environment at home and CSL for students who do not speak Chinese at home. There will be eleven levels of classes for CHL and six levels for CSL. The school will assign students to the appropriate level of class.


  • Who may apply 报名要求

Children who will attend Kindergarten or higher grades in the registering school year. Adult students are also welcome. Students attending CHL-K or CSL-K must show documentation that they are attending Kindergarten or above in the registering school year. Students attending CHL-01 must show documentation that they are attending the first grade or above in the registering school year. Special waivers for students in extreme situations may be granted by the principal on the case-by-case basis.

凡是注册当年将进入K或者一年级的孩子均可报名。同时,欢迎成人学生。报名参加CHL-K和CSL-K课程的学生,必须出示将在学校就读K或更高年级的证明。 报名参加CHL-01课程的学生,必须出示将在学校就读一年级或更高年级的证明。特殊情况下,学生可在校长评估后免于出示证明。

The YingHua Language School admits students of any race, gender, color, national or ethnic origin.


  • Registration 注册

Starting in mid May, students will be accepted in the order of the registration date. Limits may be applied for certain classes.


  • Length of school year 学年长度

School runs 31 weeks except for school holidays each year.


  • Tuition and fees 学费及其他费用

School tuition will be determined by the YingHua Language School Board on a yearly basis. The tuition and registration fee cover the compensation of teachers and the staff and school operating costs. The book and material fees are for textbooks and certain materials. The tuition and fees should be paid at the time of registration.

YingHua charges tuition by school year. Book and material fees are $60 in addition to the tuition. A nonrefundable registration fee is $30.



  • Class change 换班/换课

Class Changes are allowed for new students during the first three weeks of a school year with the teacher's recommendation and principal's approval.


  • Student Conduct 学生守则

Students shall follow the Student Code of Conduct of regular schools. In addition, students shall not go into any building or field areas or use any of the school's facilities outside of the designated area. Photographing, audio recording, or video recording during class sessions is prohibited. Repeated violations may cause the expulsion from YingHua.


  • Tuition Refund 退学退费

100% tuition refund before or on the school opening day, 80% before or on the second school day, 50% before or on the third school day, and no refund after third school day or if a student is expelled from the school. Registration fee and book and material fees will not be refunded.